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Reborn LaunchX Wakeboard Tower Installation Guide

Our Reborn Launch Wakeboard Tower uses many common parts with unique design features that make it aff­ordable, adjustable, and easy to install, fast to fold down and erect. Nice designed bracket to hold the tower stay at the position for storage. It is a forward-facing design and there are five main components -- Top Section, Left Leg, Right Leg, side bars and mounting bases.

For a High Quality, Trouble Free Installation, read the entire Installation Manual completely before you begin
Note that this ins ation guide is only a guideline. Each boat is different and improvisation is needed to mount your tower on your boat.Following all the installation instructions will give you a professional installation look. If you are not good at it, we advise you to have your tower mounted by a professional who has experience in boat constructions and mounting other towers.
An important part of the installation is strengthen the nuts in the tower to lock the legs into a position custom to fit your boat,all hardware is to be hand tightened.Do not use air tools or electric drills to tighten hardware. Our quick release knobs will allow you to fold the tower for storage. You can fold your tower to the front of your boat.
Note that after drilling the locking holes in the top section, the tower leg span (width) is permanently set and cannot be moved to another boat unless it has the same width.
The tower is silent by design. If you hear any rattling or noise, check all hardware for tightness. Please contact us if you continue to hear any rattling or noise before using the tower. This means something is not installed correctly.
Contents of Box Inspect the package for missing or damaged parts caused by shipping.Including the five main components and followed accessories.

Begin Installation
During installation, you should protect the tower by doing all the layout of the tower on a tarp, blanket or carpet and leave as much plastic wrapping on the legs and top section as possible. Protect the general mounting area of your boat by covering it with a tarp or blanket. Use masking tape to protect your deck from scratches as you determine the location of the four bases.
Note: Please remove black rubber cap at pipe end, THIS IS PACKAGING ONLY!

Step 1:
Following the exploded drawings and assemble the tower on the ground. You will not be drilling any holes in the tower at this point, and don't tighten any bolt at this stage.

Step 2:
Using the measurements from the elevation drawing identify where the best place is to fit the tower on your boat.

Step 3
Attach the deck mount to the boat. Cover the area where the base mounts will be placed with masking tape. This should be done in all areas where the tower will be mounted and the near surrounding area. This will help eliminate scratches to your boat while adjusting and measuring your tower.

Warning: Before drilling into your boat, please check that you have clear access to the area beneath and that no objects, wires, or other hazards are present.
Tip: Do not measure from windscreen, cleats or vents. These reference points are not always square and in the same position as the opposite side of the boat. It’s the best to use the front of the boat as the reference point, the top edge of the deck mould, or similar measurement points whenever possible. Always triple-measure and check before drilling.
Tighten the deck mounts firmly so that the mounts will rotate under pressure while turning the mount with the leg attached (note the mounts will be very hard to rotate by hands)

Step 4
Attach the tower onto the deck mounts. To make your job easier, you can move the tower top from the base bar, and assemble the base bars with the MOUNT SET. All feet are swivel and can work with various mounting angles. Note to mount the base bar vertical or you cannot fold your tower.
NOTE: When you have a narrow boat you probably need to shorten the overhead bar to make the tower fit to your boat.

Step 5
Re-assemble the tower top onto the base bars. Drill through the predrilled holes in the center section from each side with size 10 drill bit and install bolts and cap nuts. Please note that you need to drilling holes on the Top section after you confirm the exact measure it can fit on your boat and tighten with M10 x 75 bolts and nuts.One person will still be stabilizing the tower through this step. Tighten all hardware for completion of tower installation.

Step 6
Double check If the tower is in the correct position you can fasten all the bolts and screws

How to fold the tower
1. Disconnect the Quick release knob of each rear legs from the deck mount.
2. Press the tower forward of your boat slowly.

Care and Maintenance
1. Be sure to check and retighten all bolts and connections prior to every use.
2. Be cautious when towing or driving under obstacles, low hanging structures or trees with your tower mounted.
3. When the tower is folded, always use a vest or other cushion to protect your boat where the tower and boat touch each other
4. Use soap and water or general cleaners to clean your tower. Avoid abrasive materials that might scratch the tower's surface.
5. Always rinse tower after touching salt(brackish) water.