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Reborn Speaker and Light Combo Installation Guide

Reborn Speaker and Light Combo Installation Guide


  • Every boat is different and you may need to improvise to accommodate your needs.
  • This diagram is merely a guideline and a professional marine specialist should be consulted if at anytime you need assistance.
  • For best performance, provide 100W-RMS at 4 Ohm to each speaker
  • Although the speakers are weather resistant and designed for outdoor usage, do not spray directly into the grill with high-pressure water.
  • Regularly check all hardware to make sure it is tight.

Reborn Speaker and Light Combo is prewired, so you just need to run your wires inside through your tower to finalize the installation.

Wiring Instructions and Amplifier Considerations:
We recommend you use 16-18 gage wiring between the speakers and amplifier. We recommend covering the wiring with 3/8” or 1/2” wiring loom and electrical tape as shown for a professional, watertight appearance.

Running Wires Through The Tower

Consult your tower installation manual or provider for instructions on running wire inside your tower.
When you install the speaker light combo to Reborn tower, you can hide the wires inside the legs of tower as well as in the straight cross bar of top section. If there is solid fittings, please drill a hole by yourself to skip the fitting, the hole size we recommend is 1”, but normally smaller is all that is needed.


Wash with a mild soap and water.
Polished Product - use Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish which can be
found at any auto parts store
Powder Coated Products- no wax, or cleaners can be used
Check set screws before each use
Check Allen Bolts before each use